Woodstock musician honored by Country Hall of Fame

Michael Russo

Jul 18, 2022

Cindy Cashdollar: Cindy, it turns out, is only the second woman to be so honored as a Nashville Cat.

Two years ago, Cindy Cashdollar was contacted by the Country Music Hall of Fame, saying that they’d like to honor her as one of the Nashville Cats, the most elite group of side musicians in the business. “I was thrilled, of course,” says the five-time Grammy award winner, a Woodstock native who by her own admission has played “thousands” of gigs. “But, I said, I only lived in Nashville for six months, in 1992. They said, it doesn’t matter…”

And so, on May 14, 2022, in a ceremony in one of the Hall’s auditoriums, this most consummate artist of almost all things slide guitar has to offer, including Dobro, lap steel guitar, non-pedal steel guitar, Weissenborns, took her place in the Pantheon of Nashville Cats (yes, so named after the John Sebastian penned, Lovin’ Spoonful song) alongside more than 40 of the finest side players and backup singers Country Music has offered the world. “As they put it,” says Cindy, “the sometimes nameless, faceless people that are creating the music behind the artist. It honors the side people, which is wonderful.” It includes people like James Burton, Buddy Spicher, Duane Eddy, Charlie McCoy, Leon Rhodes, Jim Horn, Weldon Myrick, Norbert Putnam…

Cindy, it turns out, is only the second woman to be so honored as a Nashville Cat. Seems as if the program has a bit of catching up to do. The first woman Nashville Cat, is Andrea Zonn, the stunning fiddler who plays with James Taylor’s All Star Band.

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