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9/22/22, 8:00 EST
The "Hits Keep On Coming." Rival mob bosses to the extreme. Boss Ray "Cheap Hat" Wilson, with his "muscle" Frankie "Short Stop" Cimillo, went full attack on rival mob boss Michael "Saint Michael" Russo yesterday. Apparently, "Cheap Hat" put the order ( made the call) in to "Short Stop" to kill Russo. Russo, who has been in the witness protection program since 2010, was found by Cimillo in Beacon, NY. Cimillo is said to have pulled out a gun and attempted to shoot Russo.
"Saint Michael" narrowly escaped and is now hiding somewhere in the Caribbean (Image below). Russo also has been caught on camera mocking "Cheap Hat," wearing another $55 hat - knowing that expensive hats never sat right with Wilson. 


Russo mocking Wilson


Escape to the beach

Wilson and Cimilllo are both in an undisclosed Mental Facility in CT; then,
they will serve a 10-year sentence at Lincoln Correctional. 
Ray Lineup Mug Shot.jpg

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